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A statement necklace that enhances your style

Introducing a statement necklace that will enhance your style.
There are also actual review photos, so please take a look!

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Recently, accessories
I tend to choose unique designs🫶🏻

When it gets cooler
Match the turtles🍂

𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 is also in the same place♡

Although it is a small price, it is not easy to rust.
I also like that it doesn't discolor easily🤍

Instagram: Posted by @ hina_mama_0814

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I fell in love with this design at first sight. I love the unique design. Even if you have an ordinary outfit, this necklace will instantly brighten up your outfit.
My daughter praised it a lot!

Instagram: Posted by @ ___na_____hooooo.___

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And the nuance necklace I've always wanted
It’s from Charmystere 🤍

It's so cute that I really like it!
And it's reasonably priced 🤫 (whisper)

It becomes an accent to your outfit and is extremely stylish, so let's match it~🫶

Instagram: @piiiin_chouchou Posted by

Lately, the Korean fashion boom has been happening to me (a little late).
I paired it with Charmystere's nuance choker ☺️✨

Instagram: @ reeei_matcha0521 Posted by

How did you like it?♡

We have selected necklaces that have a presence that enhances your style.
Please refer to it♪

nuance line necklace

A necklace that can be easily removed without the need for metal fittings. The nuanced lines create an accent, making it an instant addition to a simple outfit.

■Color: Gold/Silver
■Material: Copper + gold / silver plating

*Due to size, wrapping is not possible.