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Pearl necklace coordination 6 selections (@chibi3.____)

We introduced the coordination that incorporates the pearl chain necklace, which is the point of the coordination.
Please refer to it♪

  1. The combination of pearl and gold is so cute♡
  2. monotone coordination
  3. Loose overshirt coordination
  4. brown coordination
  5. cami dress
  6. The necklace looks great off the shoulder!
  7. Refreshing coordination
  8. favorite item

Instagram: Posted by @chibi3.____

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1. The combination of pearl and gold is super cute♡

I got a new necklace♡

A combination of pearl and gold
so cute

Gradually summer clothes with an open neck
I wear this a lot, so I look stylish
I'm sure you'll do it✨

There are many other cute accessories as well.
Please check it out♡

pearl chain necklace

2.Monotone coordination

Accessories are essential for a simple outfit♡
Gold accessories look great!
necklace: @charmystere

By incorporating a necklace and other accessories that combine pearls and chains into a simple monotone outfit, you can avoid a plain look and quickly transform it into a sophisticated basic outfit.

Plus one Gorgeous with a pearl ring!

3. Loose overshirt coordination

The men's patterned shirt I bought last year
I also like the color and the loose size♡

Because green is casually included
Pair with GU green pants🪴

I like loose clothes. .

An overshirt and chain accessories for an adult casual look. The point is that it does not become too casual as it contains pearls ♪

Plus one Choose gold ear cuffs for a lighter outfit♡

4. Brown Corde

New favorite accessory.

The combination of gold and pearl is the best ... ♡
Match it with a simple white T
Because it goes well with dark colored items

If you want to brighten up your face
I recommend getting gold.

A pearl necklace is perfect for a calm dark brown color or a light color coordination.

5. In a cami dress

I've been wearing it for a long time
@charmystere necklace♡

Combination of pearl and gold
is so cute 🤤♡

Versatile necklace for a cami dress♪The pearls make the décolletage look beautiful.

Plus one Long flowing earrings are good for an open décolleté outfit♪

6. Off-the-shoulder necklace looks great!

Add a feminine element with an off-the-shoulder x necklace♡
In addition, it is an accessory that has a presence that avoids showing too much skin off the shoulder. The décolleté reflects the whiteness of the pearl and acts as a reflector!
It is an excellent item that can add a sense of transparency ♪

Plus one Add gorgeousness at once with pearls.

7. Refreshing coordination

By combining pearl chain accessories with a light color coordination, you can create a refreshing casual coordination.
In addition, the elegant low pony hair and accessories in refreshing colors are added to make it even more elegant.

Plus one A delicate and simple ring can be casually decorated for a refreshing look.

8. Favorite items

Click here for the accessories that Chibiyuki ( @chibi3.____ ) is using♡

favorite accessories

What accessories have you been wearing lately?
⁡" @charmystere "

It's a simple design
Because it's gorgeous and gives you a presence just by wearing it
Highly recommended for days when you want to be stylish today!! ️

You can see it by tapping ♪

pearl chain necklace nuance metallic ring

↓ View Instagram of @chibi3.____

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Thank you for your very helpful post ♡

We will also pick up products similar to the accessories introduced this time♪
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