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[Surprisingly unknown!?] Tricks for layering necklaces

Tricks for layering necklaces

When I try to layer it, I can't put it on neatly with the same length...

Oh my God, isn't it?

This time, I will introduce a trick to easily change the length!

A necklace I wanted to stack.
No matter how much I adjust it, I can't wear it neatly...
Give up...... it's over today!

① Align the ring and chain of the necklace you want to stack in the same direction.
(Do this after putting it on your neck)

② Just attach different necklaces!

In the photo, it is easy to understand and explained with a picture,
Put the layered necklace around your neck before wearing it♪

You can adjust the length of the necklace by gently pulling it.

Originally, necklaces of the same length can be worn neatly separately.
Please try it♪

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