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Would you like to become an ambassador and create wonderful content with us? 🤍

Looking for Charmystere Ambassadors🫶🏻

For those who love accessories!
Those who like fashion!

We are looking for Charmystere ambassadors♪

Let's discover the charm of Charmystere's accessories together🫣🤍

-Application conditions-

・Accounts mainly written in Japanese ・Those who post at least once a week ・Accounts with more than 2,000 followers

-Application method-

Our account Instagram ID ▶︎@charmystere
Please contact us by DM saying "hope to be an ambassador" to ✉️

After selection, we will reply from this account @charmystere to those who are hired.
* We will contact you within a week after sending DM.

[Ambassador details]
・The product is provided free of charge.
・You will be asked to post fashionable photos such as wearing photos, placement pictures, and photos that convey the charm on your own Instagram.
・Consultation is required for the period and number of postings.

We are waiting for your application 🌷

▼ DM to Charmystere official Instagram ✉️

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